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Keep score on profit
like never before

Perform detailed analysis of your profitability measures across products, projects, customers, and channels. Act quickly with accurate insights for immediate improvement.

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Hit new profitability highs with in-depth analysis and informed decisions

Optimizing profitability is more important than ever in this fast-paced business world.

However, understanding key profitability drivers can be tough. Other challenges include allocating resources correctly to each product/product group and reducing overheads and costs. Without smarter solutions, manual data exports, consolidation, and presentation for analysis and allocation are all tedious and time-consuming.

Get quick, efficient results with granular insights and right automation with JustPerform.

Bringing simplicity and transparency to your profitability analysis.

Use the insights, granularity, and automation in the platform to get results quickly and efficiently.

Improve accuracy with transparent allocations, easy driver definition

Allocating resources to profit and cost centres can be challenging, especially if you're battling with unknown drivers and baffling formulae.

Use JustPerform instead. JustPerform lets you easily define underlying drivers and allocate necessary costs without any complicated formulae or coding.


Value Driver Trees

enable you to visually define and maintain all your resources and profitability drivers in one intuitive, easy-to-update experience

Built-in Allocation Rules

let you simplify cost and other allocations without needing to code or write intricate formulae

Validation Reports

at each step allow you to confirm allocations of costs and profits in the right way and in the right direction

Flexible Extensible Models

are easy to change and extend to mirror new growth and diversity in your business

Perform in-depth analysis for actionable insights

Multiple source systems without auditability can lead to a broken allocation process and compromised analysis.

JustPerform establishes a single source of truth for your enterprise while supporting you in performing granular profitability analysis. See immediately how changes in products, customers, delivery, tariffs, and other factors could affect your profits.


Visual Data Flows

Collect, collate and present the data in one unified view for easier analysis

Scenarios Modelling

Quickly explore the impact of various situations on your profitability

What if Analysis

Prepare for possible profitability scenarios by developing multiple models on the fly

Steer real-time simulations for quick decisions

Making quick decisions and simulations is close to impossible with the long cycles of collating, analysing, and reporting of legacy solutions.

JustPerform helps you quickly simulate and turn insights into reports that can enhance your decision making.

Self Service Visualizations

Self Service Visualizations

Make sense easily of insights in highly intuitive self-service reports

Self Service Visualizations

Office 365 Connector

Automatically deliver dashboards and reports in Excel and PowerPoint

Variance Analysis

Variance Analysis

Understand changes in profitability, and help improve profitability for the future

Key firms using JustPerform for granular, accurate profitability analysis

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