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Unlock the full value
of your enterprise data

Unify, structure and process all your data through data products for data-driven decision-making. Expand data usage for all possible consumption types and use cases with minimal effort and time.

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According to McKinsey

According to McKinsey

Companies that treat data like a product can reduce the time it takes to implement it in new use cases by as much as 90%

5 Primary Ways Users Consume Data

Data Applications


Specific data cleared and stored in a particular format and frequency

Advanced Analytics Systems

Advanced Analytics

Data is cleaned & engineered to allow processing by machine learning & AI systems

Reporting Systems


Highly governed data with quality & security measures, delivered in an audited form

Discovery Sandboxes


A combination of raw and aggregated data for enabling ad hoc exploratory analysis

External Data-Sharing


Adherence to stringent policies, agreements & processes for managing & securing data

Source: A Better Way to Put Your Data to Work - Harvard Business Review

Business success lies in leveraging unstructured, scattered
& buried enterprise data.

A vast amount of data is buried in source systems and applications in different structures and formats. In traditional approaches, departments identify the data they need from data lakes and create data sets as required for their particular solutions. This approach led to duplication of activities and fragmented data architectures that are difficult to manage.

Data Decision

Let JustPerform's data product approach establish simplified architecture and lower time to value.

Develop. Maintain. Serve

Data products at speed and ease.


Single data hub for all
domain-specific data

Leverage high-quality, domain-driven, real-time data products for all data consumers across the enterprise. With JustPerform data products supporting all format requirements for all business applications, go beyond planning and financial close. Apply data for new use cases and unlock the hidden insights.

Reliable data with real-time
integrations and visual data flows

Integrate to more than 80 source systems, system of records, data warehouses or data lakes with ease. Ensure the data in data products is standardized and ready to use with visual data flow layers, data wrangling capabilities and automated data processing with no code business rule library.


High accuracy & consistency
with in-built validations and controls

Accuracy is paramount because data products provide standard data for all insights. Maintain error-free data with step-by-step validations across data flow. Establish transparency with clear authorizations and capabilities to trace the time, author and source system of every posting.

Multiple technologies for varied
consumption types

Whether digital apps, analytics, reporting, or external data sharing, meet all your consumption needs with JustPerform data products. With support for public APIs, dashboards, low-code apps or a web interface, JustPerform helps consume data in all possible types.

According to McKinsey

According to McKinsey

Treating data like products can decrease the total ownership (technology, development, and maintenance) costs by up to 30%

JustPerform data product approach for data-driven and effective decision-making.

Data Decision

Integrate to more than 80 sources to tap into buried data and uncover hidden insights

Harmonize all domain data into a model to drive holistic decision making

Consume results using a varied range of technologies and in different interfaces

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