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Agile and transparent performance management

Empower your performance management teams with purpose-built JustPerform license types. Let users at different levels drive the planning, financial close and reporting initiatives with utmost clarity on their roles.

Agile and transparent performance management

Kickstart Your Corporate Performance Management Journey

Find the right user mix relevant to your business needs

Purpose-built user types for collaborative performance
Purpose-built user types for collaborative performance

JustPerform offers flexible user licenses so that you have the right people doing the right thing at right time. With accesses ranging from review, define and design, involve all the relevant users to speed up planning, financial close, reporting and other performance management initiatives.

Business User

Business User (BU)Consumer or Contributor

Execute planning, financial close and reporting processes with access to assigned models, reports and workflows along with read-only view of data flows and business rule framework.

Performance User

Performance User (PU)Model Builder or Citizen Developer

Design & execute planning, financial close and reporting processes with complete read-write access to models, reports, workflows, dataflows and business rules framework.

Workspace Administrator

Workspace Admin (WA)Security & Governance Team

Manage workspace, users, access rights, system configurations, event log, archival policies etc., along with read & write access to all platform components.

Performance User
Process Management
Scenario management
Performance User
Activity flows
Performance User
Smart Modelling Capability
Model building
Data views
Performance User
Masterdata management
Performance User
Intuitive User Interactions
JustPerform for Microsoft 365
Native Excel connector
Process execution
Reporting & analysis
Self service data exploration
Alerts & notifications
Manage stories
Manage folders
Data delivery
Board room presentation
Value driver tree
Performance User
Performance User
Account mapping
Performance User
Account reclassification
Performance User
Intercompany eliminations
Performance User
Automatic journals
Performance User
Currency conversion
Performance User
Data enrichment
Performance User
Self service data export / import
Security, Governance & Control
Workspace management
SSO configuration
User management
Event log & analysis
Roles management
Performance User
Access control
Performance User
Data log/History
Performance User
Task monitor
Performance User
Process monitoring
Streamlined Integration
80+ source system integration
Service based connections
OData connections
Change Data Capture
Scheduled or Adhoc data movement
Remote tables
Agile Application Lifecycle Management
Collaboration, Support & Incident Management
Performance User
  =   Read Only

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