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Leading Elevator Manufacturer Consolidates with JustPerform

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Leading Elevator Manufacturer Consolidates with JustPerform

Leading Elevator Manufacturer Consolidates with JustPerform

One of South Asia's leading transportation system manufacturers has chosen JustPerform to optimize its group consolidation process. JustPerform is a cloud-based financial consolidation, planning, and reporting platform that provides accurate insights and supports strategic decision-making.

The company, a global leader in the production of elevators, escalators, and auto-walks, has relied on standalone Excel and legacy solutions for group consolidation. This method posed challenges like data inaccuracies and tedious manual adjustments, including currency conversions and intercompany eliminations. This resulted in substantial man-hours being dedicated to the monthly group close.

Recognizing the need for a more streamlined financial close, the company has chosen JustPerform to expedite the group close process and fulfill its additional requirements of generating overhead cost allocation results.

JustPerform financial consolidation pro app, equipped with inbuilt IFRS and Multi-GAAP compliant models, business rules, and reports, will be deployed to deliver an efficient group close process.

The adoption of JustPerform promises the following potential benefits to the manufacturing company:

  • Accelerated data collection and standardization for precise and reliable information.
  • Streamlined consolidation of results through automated adjustments, ensuring accuracy.
  • Quicker group close cycles, freeing up finance teams for more value-added activities.
  • Comprehensive overhead allocation reports for effective budgeting, forecasting, and efficient resource management

“We are confident that our platform will empower them to generate consolidated group results swiftly and accurately,” said Shameek Bhushan, Chief Growth Officer, JustPerform.

"We are thrilled to work with South Asia's pioneering elevator manufacturing company to enhance their consolidation process," said Shameek, Chief Growth Officer of JustPerform. “We are confident that our platform will empower them to generate consolidated group results swiftly and accurately.”

About JustPerform:

JustPerform is a rapidly growing, cloud-native platform that empowers enterprises in planning, analysis, consolidation, and reporting. Its user-friendly interface, process-first approach and robust governance capabilities enable seamless collaboration and enhance business agility.

The new age platform is recognised as the Gartner Peer Insights Strong Performer in the financial planning software market. With top ratings in consolidation, budgeting, scalability, and ease of use, JustPerform acts as a unified solution for holistic performance management. For more information, visit www.justperform.com


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