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JustPerform helps PHL firms develop agility

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JustPerform helps PHL firms develop agility

JustPerform helps PHL firms develop agility

Singapore-based software provider JustPerform has penetrated the domestic market and is targeting small, medium and large enterprises in the country.

The company said its wants to help local firms transform their processes and developing agility through its Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) systems.

“We believe that people in the Philippines are more forward-looking when it comes to adopting technologies,” JustPerform Chief Growth Officer (CGO) Shameek Bhushan told reporters during a press briefing held in Taguig City on Tuesday. “So we feel that the Philippines will be a lot more relevant for the post-Covid era [that] we decided to enter this market.”

Being the next generation cloud native platform, the company seeks to enable business leaders to see and handle the performance of their organizations accurately in near real-time using its simplified channel that can cater across different areas of their business as an entity or even as a diversified and complex multi-industry conglomerate.

Besides financial planning, consolidation, reporting and analysis, JustPerform can extend beyond what a regular EPM or planning tool can offer.

From it’s unique automated process centric approach to automating strategic and tactical planning, scenario modeling, profitability cost management, and sales and operations planning, to name a few, it provides a multi-space, single platform to complete the components of EPM that a company needs to navigate the post-pandemic business environment and lessen the impact of the next potential disruption in the future.

“Also, this is a platform that integrates people, process and technology,” noted Gina A. Go, country sales director for the Philippines at JustPerform. “What our platform does is it automates the seamless integration of all data coming from different source systems, and then it automates the process, and it makes it easier for user to use so that they can also utilize these data to help them in their day-to-day decision-making process.”

Knowing that a company’s business becomes more complex when it grows, its EPM system is made “very simple for user to understand their use” and designed in a way that it’s “more enjoyable, and more effective for business users,” added JustPerform Chief Innovation Officer Kranthi Kumar.

With more than $90 billion worth of budgeting and $35 billion in consolidated financial statements generated, the firm, which has a global presence with wholly-owned subsidiaries in the United States and India, has aided the EPM endeavors of large multinational companies across real estate, hospitality, hotel, retail, information technology, automotive, telecommunications, energy, transportation, and other industries.

“We come with tremendous strength in all industries, excluding two—banking and airlines. So besides these two industries, we are very strong in everything else and we want to contribute to those industries,” Bhushan said.

Apart from big homegrown firms and MNCs, the copmany added that it is keen on catering to micro, small and medium enterprises, as well as the government.

“We are selectively going and launching our products one by one in [this market] over the next three quarters,” he said. “We have very simplistic expectation in the next four to eight quarters. We want to increase user adoption. Our goal is to get 5,000 users using our software in the Philippines in the next four quarters.”

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