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Who is the perfect ally for an aspirational CFO?

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Who is the perfect ally for an aspirational CFO?

Who is the perfect ally for an aspirational CFO?

In the dynamic and ever-shifting business world, CFOs are no longer confined to merely supervising financial operations. They have evolved into critical contributors to strategic decision-making, a role that brings with it amplified responsibilities and complexities. Along with this evolution, CFOs are facing a “deadweight” economy that challenges an organisation’s ability to meet corporate performance expectations, according to Gartner, Inc. 

The lacklustre growth in demand, persistently high costs, and limited access to capital make it harder to sustain the performance stakeholders have come to expect. This elevated duty and challenging economic landscape necessitate a reliable ally capable of adeptly managing the nuances of this role. 

This ally needs to be a perfect companion for strategic decision-making, one who not only comprehends the subtleties of finance but also aligns financial strategies with broader business goals, providing essential insights for data-driven decision-making. The magnitude of such a partnership is immense. It significantly lightens the workload, allowing CFOs to drive their organisations towards prosperity.

Recognising the significance of this alliance isn't just advantageous—it's crucial. It provides CFOs with the key to unlocking their full potential and making a substantial positive impact on their company's growth trajectory.


Who is the ally?

So, what does this ally look like in practical terms? It's more than just a person—it's a platform. Its JustPerform, a solution meticulously designed to cater to the distinctive challenges of financial management that CFOs encounter. This platform empowers finance teams by streamlining budgeting, forecasting and reporting, thereby considerably reducing the time from data gathering to decision-making. 

With JustPerform, CFOs can effortlessly manoeuvre through the multifaceted terrain of strategic financial management, even in the face of a challenging "deadweight" economy.Here are three compelling reasons why JustPerform is the ultimate companion for forward-thinking CFOs:


1. The perfect companion for strategic decision-making

JustPerform is more than just software; it's a strategic partner for CFOs, offering a platform for streamlined processes, collaboration, and actionable insights. In today's dynamic landscape, 62% of CFOs chose 'Growth' as one of their top 3 priorities. JustPerform's unique capabilities allow organisations to align their financial strategies with broader business objectives, driving growth and momentum. 

While its value driver tree visually shows how each department or KPI contributes to overall business goals, its real-time collaboration across departments via Excel and web interfaces facilitates informed, strategic decision-making.  

Built on a scalable cloud-native architecture, JustPerform empowers CFOs by providing accurate budgeting and reporting, accelerating financial close processes and supporting data-driven decision-making. This unified platform gives CFOs unprecedented control over their financial landscape, enabling effective navigation towards a profitable future.


JustPerform also transforms the role of CFOs into strategic business partners. As CFOs spend the greatest share of their time on core finance function activities, JustPerform helps them free up time by streamlining all core finance processes. This also helps CFOs build stronger relationships with the other leadership teams and focus more on strategic business growth and profitability. 


2. The secret weapon for empowering finance teams

In the fast-paced world of finance, JustPerform emerges as a powerful platform that empowers finance teams and simplifies the job of CFOs. It achieves this by automating routine financial tasks and streamlining complex finance processes. This increased efficiency leads to enhanced productivity within the finance team, freeing their time from manual tasks. As a result, teams can shift their focus to strategic activities that drive business growth, fostering an environment of innovation and progress

Beyond operational efficiency, JustPerform significantly minimises errors and reduces costs. In the intricate realm of finance, manual errors can result in costly inaccuracies. JustPerform mitigates these errors with granular validations, ensuring precision in budgets and financial reports. 

The user friendly platform also curtails the need for external consultants, eliminates redundancy, and brings substantial operational cost savings. These savings allow finance teams to reallocate resources and deliver greater value to the organisation, thereby strengthening their contribution to the overarching business strategy.


Moreover, by freeing up time spent on non-value added manual tasks, JustPerform transforms finance teams into strategic assets. This positions CFOs as 'Growth' agents driving the organisation's strategic initiatives rather than being seen as financial stewards handling finance function. This shift also places the CFO at the forefront of business growth and as a potential strategic business partner.


3. The accelerator for shortening data to decision cycles

JustPerform sets a new standard with its powerful data integration and transformation capabilities. It can integrate with over 80 source systems, allowing CFOs to establish a single, reliable source of truth for all finance processes. Its built-in data flow designer simplifies data integration, wrangling and mapping, making it easy for finance users. This comprehensive connectivity facilitates efficient data management, leading to cleaner, more reliable data.

JustPerform not only simplifies data connections and mapping, it also helps in seamless data transformation. Be it for planning, consolidation, or cost & profitability analysis the cloud-native platform automates data transformation with its business rule library. 

By quickly transforming & processing unstructured data, JustPerform not only helps finance processes but also gives CFOs the ability to lead the enterprise-wide data strategy and move beyond traditional financial oversight.

By 2025, 50% of FP&A leaders will have enterprise-wide data strategy as a key responsibility, according to Gartner. 

By 2025, half of FP&A leaders will prioritise enterprise-wide data strategy, and JustPerform is ready to help CFOs meet this demand. Its streamlined data management process and automated data transformation reduce the time taken to gather insights, thereby shortening the data-to-decision cycle. With finance teams controlling the process from data connection to insight generation, decision-making is improved due to their deep understanding of the organisation's financial dynamics.

In conclusion, the evolving role of CFOs in today's dynamic business landscape demands innovative solutions. A platform like JustPerform can serve as the perfect companion, empowering finance teams to navigate complexities easily. By streamlining data integration and transformation, it facilitates quicker and more accurate strategic decisions. It is not just an ally but a platform for transformation, enabling CFOs to unlock their full potential and steer their organisations towards sustained growth and success.

  • CFOs are no longer restricted to managing financial operations and require an ally capable of adeptly supporting them in their strategic decision making. 
  • JustPerform provides this support by helping to streamline budgeting, forecasting and reporting, thereby reducing time from data gathering to decision-making. 
  • Three compelling reasons why JustPerform is the ultimate companion for CFOs include: 
    (i) aiding in strategic decision making;
    (ii) automation of routine financial tasks and streamlining complex finance processes; 
    (iii) integration with over 80 source systems and data transformation capabilities to shorten data-to-decision cycle. 
  • By leveraging JustPerform as a platform for transformation, CFOs can unlock their full potential and steer their organisations towards sustained growth and success.

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