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SAP BPC Alternatives: Which One is Right for You?

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SAP BPC Alternatives: Which One is Right for You?

SAP BPC Alternatives: Which One is Right for You?

As we navigate the complexities of the 21st century, entities across the globe acknowledge the need to transition from traditional legacy SAP BPC to innovative, new-age planning and consolidation platforms. 

Indeed, the transition is not merely a trend but a reality rooted in the need for enhanced flexibility, scalability, and data integration capabilities not sufficiently provided by SAP BPC. The modern platforms are designed to meet the dynamic needs of modern businesses, fostering improved decision-making, strategic planning, and overall financial performance.

In today's fast-paced and ever-changing business landscape, organisations must embrace change to remain competitive and successful. SAP BPC, built for success in the yesteryears, is complex and less self-reliant for today's agile organisations. 

To remain ahead, companies are transitioning away from SAP BPC due to high costs, an unfriendly UI and heavy dependence on technical teams, which slows down budget & close cycles.

 In order to meet modern demands for efficiency and innovation, organisations seek user-centric alternatives to SAP BPC for seamless planning and financial close experience.


What do finance teams look for in modern planning and close solutions?

In a recent study conducted by BPM Partners [ a vendor-neutral business performance management consulting firm] it was found that the top three focus areas (see Figure 1) that users are looking for in a modern business performance management solution are:

  1. Streamlined process: A user-friendly approach optimised for efficiency and simplicity so that data flow and execution of daily tasks and activities, within the business performance environment, are done seamlessly. Each individual's responsibilities are well-defined for the entire planning and consolidation process.
  2. More unified system: All use cases, such as planning, budgeting, forecasting, reporting, analysis, and financial close, are available under one platform. A centralised data source for all processes establishes a single source of truth, preventing data duplication and steps across processes.
  3. Reduced cycle times: As the phrase states, this refers to the decrease in the time it takes to complete the planning and consolidation cycles. The optimised tasks and activities ensure greater efficiency. This can be achieved through automation and AI.


The other preferences that users expect from modern business performance management solutions are company-wide planning, increased planning frequency, increased insights, operational reporting, strategic alignment, and predictive forecasting. JustPerform offers all these and more, making it the one-stop solution for all business performance requirements. 

So far, we have seen a real shift where businesses move away from SAP BPC to modern solutions. We have also seen the top expectations of users from modern solutions. Now, let's dive deep and see why JustPerform is the best replacement to switch from SAP BPC.


How does JustPerform empower modern finance teams?

JustPerform is at the forefront of new-age planning and consolidation platforms. It offers the following benefits to modern finance teams.

Ease of Use: JustPerform has a user-friendly interface that requires minimal training, ensuring that teams can transition smoothly and start reaping benefits quickly, unlike legacy solutions that require intensive training. 

Our customers ranked us #1 with a rating of 4.9 out of 5.0 for ‘Ease of Use' in the latest BPM Pulse Survey 2023. 

This is a testimony to our offering of easy workflow navigation, guided prompts, a role-based interface and much more. 

For those finance users who are very much used to Excel, JustPerform offers the Excel Add-in, which allows you to work on a familiar user interface while leveraging the power of the cloud. This not only saves training time and improves process speed, but also gives the finance teams complete control of the planning and consolidation process without dependence on technical teams. Now, this is what real ‘ease of use’ is.

Process Automation: By automating manual tasks, JustPerform reduces the likelihood of errors and saves precious man-hours, increasing overall productivity. JustPerform enables data processing automation to fasten the planning and financial close efforts. 

Today’s finance leaders spend 19 percent more of total finance-staff bandwidth on value-added activities than the average company did ten years ago, as per McKinsey

The prebuilt business rules, such as auto adjustments, automatic journal, currency conversion, intercompany eliminations, etc., enable seamless data enrichment, faster planning & forecasting, and financial close processes. This provides the finance teams more time to focus on the real value-add aspects of the finance function.

Integration: JustPerform can seamlessly integrate with existing enterprise systems, establishing a single source of truth and maintaining data consistency across the organization. The finance teams need not struggle with manual data chores as they can have all the data at a single source. 

JustPerfom enables integration with 80+ source systems across different aspects such as strategic planning, operational planning, financial planning, group close, reporting and analysis. This includes databases like Microsoft SQL server, IBM DB2, etc., ERP & accounting systems like Microsoft Dynamics 365, SAGE, Quickbooks, etc., data lakes & warehouses like Cloudera, Google Big Query, etc., and business intelligence systems like Looker, Power BI, etc.

Scalability: Your source systems, data volumes, and calculation complexities change as your business evolves. JustPerform is the platform that enables you to make those changes and scale effortlessly.

You can easily make changes and edit the models to suit the changes in the master data, integrate with new data sources, redefine enterprise structure and define custom business rules as they can be deployed in real-time with a no-code approach from JustPerform. Therefore, you can scale with agility and simplicity with JustPerform.

Secure Data Management: IT security, cybersecurity and privacy protection are vital for companies and organizations today. JustPerform complies with the ISO 27001 standard and meets all the information security requirements in its design, development, testing, maintenance, implementation and management of information security.

JustPerform utilises enterprise-grade best practices to protect our customers' data, works with independent experts to verify its security, privacy, and compliance controls, and has achieved SOC 2 Type 2 compliance against stringent standards. The security policies and procedures at JustPerform ensure complete information security with granular access controls, seamless change management, tight system controls and risk mitigation capabilities.

Advanced Analytics: Armed with powerful analytics capabilities, JustPerform empowers businesses with insightful data, facilitating informed decision-making. One can use the simple drag-and-drop responsive dashboard capabilities and experience intuitive self-service analytics in both web and Excel interfaces.

Additionally, you can leverage JustPerform's seamless integration to Power BI or other analytics platforms in case of an existing investment in such tools. 

Overall Total Cost of Ownership: JustPerforms offers the most cost-effective SAP BPC replacement option without compromising the modern finance team's requirements. Below is a visual representation on possible migration paths and their respective TCOs.

  • Organisations continuing with SAP BPC even after 2024, will incur the regular software AMC, and the high change request costs. Additionally, in 2026, they will incur migration/re-implementation costs and separate subscription costs for SAP Analytics Cloud and S/4 HANA for Group Reporting.
  • Organisations choosing to move to other modern EPM solutions in 2024 will incur high, new platform subscription, migration costs, implementation and change request costs.
  • Organisations deciding to upgrade to JustPerform in 2024, will experience the best subscription rates and free migration along with low change management costs (more about it in the paragraph below). This gives you the advantage of the lowest cost of ownership.




Migrate with agility and control

That's not all! JustPerform can do one better, by offering the fastest migration you've ever experienced. It's the perfect solution for migrating from any planning and consolidation platform, be it modern or legacy, thanks to the exceptional features:

One-Click Migration and Assessment: Importing the entire BPC environment into JustPerform takes just one click. You do not have to depend on the technical team to configure your process/models using heavy coding in JustPerform manually. This saves the business valuable time and money.

Also, its robust machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms perform a detailed analysis of all the models, master data, and dimensions of the BPC environment and assess their utilisation percentage. Based on this, JustPerform suggests the relevant modelling components to be migrated. All of this with just one click.

Process Enhancement: Assessing the existing solution is important in cleaning up the existing environment, but what is equally important is to refine the process before deployment. 
JustPerform allows your team to collaborate and refine the planning & consolidation processes by allowing you to redefine the business drivers and metrics, making changes to enterprise structure etc. This eliminates redundancy in your processes. 

Go Live: Once the processes are refined and enhanced, the next step is to deploy. Generally, this would require much manual effort for coding and configuration.  This is where JustPerform’s automation and deployment capabilities help by using its machine-learning algorithms to deploy the processes automatically. 

Experience the speed, efficiency, and ease of JustPerform that makes your migration process 80% faster, way smarter and more efficient.




In conclusion, the need to modernise and streamline financial planning processes is evident, and JustPerform is a highly capable solution for this purpose. Its user-centricness, process-focused approach, advanced analytics, automation, and seamless integration capabilities stand out, promising efficiency, scalability, and secure data management.

The platform's unique features, including in-built financial intelligence, guided workflows, and a user-friendly interface, empower businesses to make well-informed decisions, ensuring their business success.

With the fastest migration for BPC users in the industry, JustPerform transforms the business performance management landscape, ensuring your transition is as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

Why wait? Harness the power of JustPerform and experience the future of financial planning and consolidation by migrating today. Check your eligibility for free migration from SAP BPC!

  • Businesses across the globe are transitioning from SAP BPC to modern business performance management tools for improved flexibility, scalability, and data integration capabilities.
  • JustPerform is a modern solution designed to streamline and simplify finance processes with its user-friendly interface, process automation, integration capabilities, scalability, secure data management, advanced analytics tools, and low total cost of ownership.
  • The one-click migration feature helps users move from their existing BPC systems to JustPerform quickly and seamlessly.
    With features such as in-built financial intelligence, guided workflows, and automated deployment capabilities, JustPerform stands as the best replacement option for organisations using SAP BPC.

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